We are so excited to share Drummassage with you.

From in-person relaxation events with live drumming to a virtual music wellness experience geared towards workplace teams, we have transitioned to meet the needs of today’s workplace. We want to bring the quality and power of low frequency, repetitive drumming to you wherever you are, to help you find a some calm during your busy day.

A few thoughts about the experience

“In the hour-long massage, participants were able to plug in their headphones, sit back, and relax to the rhythmic beat of traditional frame drums. Members of the audience left the Zoom call feeling peaceful and relaxed.”

US-Japan Council

“Often, I found the greatest relaxation being achieved (surprisingly) during the more active rhythm sections. Frequently, I lost a sense of time and either drifted to a deeper meditative state, off to sleep (which is permitted!) or found myself relating visual memories to the sounds during the interludes (which have field recordings excerpts).”

Wajobu Music